World-Wide-Walks: Glaciers in the age of global warming


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  • Climate Change

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  • World-Wide-Walks: Glaciers in the age of global warming



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    Keywords: World-Wide-Walks, art, walking, climate change, global warming, glaciers, ecology, Anthropocene 

    World-Wide-Walks have been performed by Peter d’Agostino on six continents over the past four decades to explore elements of natural, cultural & virtual identities: mixed realities of walking through physical environments and virtually surfing the web. Initiated as video “documentation/performances” in 1973, the Walk Series evolved into video/web projects during the 1990s, and mobile/locative media installations in the 2000s. During the past decade, the World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water projects have considered the dire crisis of climate change and its ominous threat to impact on human civilization by operating as part of a long tradition of walking practice as exploration, meditation, political activism, community engagement. This paper focuses on Walks that explore the immediate peril of global warming. Melting ice has the capacity to raise sea levels and change the configuration of civilization in heavily populated coastal regions. These Walks record the real time deterioration of glaciers, while noting their historic loss. Recent books by Elizabeth Kolbert and Naomi Klein contextualize the challenges of climate change. Kolbert talks about the precariousness of species, exacerbated by human environmental abuse. Klein discusses how wealth, worldwide economics, and the negotiation of geo-political differences challenge the mobilization to enact timely change. The arts have a role to play on the cutting edge of these issues through the production of works of significant cultural resonance and art the transmission of urgent concerns about a world at risk.

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