“You Cannot Step into the Same Museum Twice: How Natural Light Pulsates a Space” presented by Behar


Session Title:

  • Environmental Art

Presentation Title:

  • You Cannot Step into the Same Museum Twice: How Natural Light Pulsates a Space



  • Keywords: Natural light, responsive environment, space interaction, penumbra, camera obscura, phenomenology.

    You cannot step into the same river twice, said Heraclitus, sending forward a significant challenge to the world and language of interactive art and immersive environments. This paper presents a study case where interactive technology facilitated the manipulation of natural matter, light. The manipulation brought different time based light phenomena, such as penumbra and camera obscura. In this case technology became the tool rather then the object of appreciation, in order to reveal and present light phenomena.

    The receptors of light were not only the visitors, but also a large modernist exhibition space, which was alternatively defined by multiple light appearances. The experience of the dynamic natural lighted space was felt through the senses with the complex perception of the various inputs composition. This suggests that such a framework can be used as a study case for the research of perception from various points of view: physiological, psychological, and philosophical.