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  • Collaborations across Borders: Physical and Disciplinary

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  • Zeuma




  • “Zeugma” is a New Media Art Project, inspired from the ancient twin city Zeugma, now covered by the river of Euphrates, because of the construction of a dam.

    In Greek, «Zeugma» means «link». so,  «Zeugma» may be called any place where foreign and strange between them elements meet, co-exist, are bridged over, harmonize.  Thus, six Greek New Media Artists, traveled to the closest to Zeugma twin city,  Istanbul, looking for the «Zeugma»  of Ancient and Modern times, the «Zeugma» of cultures through time, the intercultural node of east and west.

    The works of the six artists, permeates key-notions that transcribe to forms as: twin elements, vis-a-vis in a mutual axis, contra positions, nodal points, passages, joints, sacred and profane in a dialogue…

    They used contemporary techniques and media: installations and constructions out of metal, rope, electric light, plexiglass and readymade objects, video installations, interactive multimedia installation, and video performance.

    Their intention was to experience the meaning of «zeugma» and to implement it in contemporary art works. They investigated also a plastic glossary that may be a link among all kind of cultural diversities, without undermining the autonomy of each one, but conversely building a horizontal network, without any hierarchy, a kind of cultural rhizome. Perhaps this is the bet of the 21st century?

    Finally, we would say that the proposal of the six artists applies not only for the lost city Zeugma, and for modern Istanbul, but for the Mediterranean sea as well,  that liquid –zeugma among Asia, Africa and Europe.

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