Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving at ISEA2022

Summit on New Media Art Archiving

Call for Participation

In partnership with Ars Electronica, the Archive of Digital Art (ADA), the SIGGRAPH History Archive, the Electronic Language International Festival (FILE), and the ISEA Symposium Archives, ISEA2022 announces the Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving. It will be held during ISEA2022, the 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art and in co-operation with several major institutes in Barcelona.


The need to preserve the history of the rapidly evolving field of new media arts has spurred the development of a wide variety of new media art archives throughout the world. Museums, cultural and educational institutions, as well as individuals with collections have developed, or are planning to create, physical and/or online archives in an effort to preserve important artifacts and document events and works. The Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving aims to facilitate critical discourse and collaboration amongst archivists, curators, and other parties interested in preserving the past. This summit will serve as an incubator of innovative ideas, production techniques, and infrastructure development as well as assist in connecting like-minded individuals in an effort to create a unified approach to solving the complex problem of preserving the history of new media art forms and events.


The initiative started with an ISEA round table discussion on new media archiving at ISEA2018 in Durban, South Africa and was followed by an enormously well-attended roundtable at ISEA2019 in Gwangju, South Korea. The First Summit on New Media Art Archiving was held during ISEA2020, (online from Montreal, Canada) featuring a keynote lecture, paper presentations, and break-out sessions. This Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving will build upon the results of the first summit and also include archiving physical artifacts, digitizing museum collections, and innovative approaches to archiving, as well as an emphasis on connecting new media art archives worldwide.


The summit will take place during the first two days of ISEA2022, 10-11 June (subject to change), in parallel with the Workshops & Tutorials. Results of the summit will be presented during the ISEA2022 academic conference, June 12-16. The Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving will be a blended event, happening at a physical location in Barcelona (tba) and online.

The Topics of the Summit

  • Museums and the integration of Digital Arts
  • Communication and Coordination among Archivists
  • Cooperation among Museums and New Media Art Archives
  • Funding Initiatives
  • Developing and Maintaining Physical Archives
  • New Directions in Online Archiving
  • New Technologies for Archiving (AI, VR/AR, Graph databases, other)
  • Artworks Related to Archiving

The structure of the summit will include:

  • Short Lightning Talks on Archives
  • Short and Long Papers
  • Panels
  • Round Table discussions
  • Artworks – related to one or more of the following subjects: archives, archival practises, data visualisation of archives.

International Programme Committee:

  • Pau D. Alsina, ISEA2022
  • Wim van der Plas, ISEA Symposium Archives
  • Bonnie Mitchell, ISEA Symposium Archives, SIGGRAPH History Archive and Digital Arts Committee
  • Janice Searleman, ISEA Symposium Archives, SIGGRAPH History Archive and Digital Arts Committee
  • Terry Wong, ISEA Symposium Archives
  • Christina Radner, Ars Electronica
  • Oliver Grau, Archive of Digital Art (ADA)
  • Wendy Coones, Archive of Digital Art (ADA)
  • Paula Perissinotto, Electronic Language International Festival (FILE)
  • Fabiana Krepel, Electronic Language International Festival (FILE)

For inquiries contact:

Links to archive projects involved:

Co-sponsored and organized by:

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