ISEA2022 Exhibition Opening at La Capella

Informal Get-together Title:

  • ISEA2022 Exhibition Opening at La Capella




  • Opening June 9 at 6 pm

    What Is Possible and What Is Not is a group exhibition that brings together artists associated with ISEA2022 Barcelona and those from the digital environment and research project categories of the Barcelona Producció call for proposals that defines La Capella’s programmes. The exhibition therefore interconnects several different types of content stemming from the centre’s two main strands. On the one hand, it brings together a number of significant artists within emerging artistic practices, and on the other hand, it encourages a generational exchange of high contextual intensity.

    What Is Possible and What Is Not also involves challenging the possibilities offered by technological advances. Despite their capacity for enabling what could not have been imagined a few years ago, this same provision often clashes against their own limits. At the same time, science is able to explore these limits well and demonstrate that what cannot be done now will be possible in the near future.