Kick off: Essen Performance Programme

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  • Kick off: Essen Performance Programme

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  • The weekend at Zollverein is the kick-off for ISEA2010 RUHR, and is itself a small festival exploring the relationship between new media and the body on a number of ­levels. A special highlight of the programme is the world premiere of an installation developed specifically for ISEA2010 RUHR, “Synchronous Objects, reproduced”. Originally conceived for the web, the project analyses the structural principles behind the William Forsythe choreographed dance piece “One Flat Thing, reproduced” and then translates the results into graphics and animations which can now be experienced spatially. In Mette ­Ingvartsen’s dance performance, classic dance is exchanged with objects, and in Xavier Le Roy’s production it is no longer the conductor of the orchestra performing, but rather the music that seems to control the conductor. Swimming and diving visitors can experience an underwater sound gallery in Zollverein’s “Werksschwimmbad” (factory swimming pool) to take advantage of late summer. ISEA2010 RUHR Conference at PACT begins with a keynote by Brian Massumi, and continues in the “Motion Lab”. We are particularly proud that we have succeeded, thanks to a close collaboration with PACT Zollverein, in building a bridge between electronic and performing arts.