Terror Firma Surveillance: ISEA Montreal Webcast


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  • Terror Firma Surveillance: ISEA Montreal Webcast

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  • Artist Statement


    Montreal Webcast Magazine
    Video to be sent to Montreal for broadcast in French with English text correspondance. For the three day diffusion of the webcast in Montreal the themes have been identified as:
    1. Revolution / Terror / Revolting / Diversity-Community
    2. Women on-line / Body / Performance / Robotics
    3. Networks / Sound / Live events / Web projects
    Forming an electronic coverage of ISEA98 events with real audio and video presentation.

    Webcast team
    The team comprises of 4 webcast members with various collaborations in negotiation:
    Webcast coordinator: Maria N. Stukoff
    Web Master: Valerie Jodoin
    On-line editor: Sylvan Robert
    French/English Reporter: Bernard Schuetze
    Niels Radke: Cybertheatre, Brussels
    Patricia Decia: Reporter Ilustrada, National Newspaper Folha deo
    Rachel Greene: Rhizome
    Alex Galloway: Rhizome

    Magazine I
    Revolution/ Terror/ Revolting/ Diversity/ Community

    Liverpool interviews:
    John Brady: Revolution FACT revolution98
    Lucia Grossberger Morales & Tapio Makela: Revolution of the Public Sphere
    David Toop

    Manchester interviews:
    John Hyatt: Terror
    Micz Flor: Revolting
    Chris Paul: idea
    Coco Fusco

    Magazine 2
    Women on-line/ Body/ Performance/ Robotics

    Computers in Theatre
    Le Corp Indice Performance live + interview
    Kathy Rae Huffman Women on-line & pop—tarts
    Nina Czegledy
    Zina Kay

    Grrl Codes
    Neo post cyberfeminism
    Corresponding exhibitions

    Magazine 3
    Networks/ Sound/ Live events/ Web projects


    Techno Orchestra
    Screening Program
    Cyberia web sites