Welcome to ISEA 1994


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  • Welcome to ISEA 1994

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  • We are immersed in an electronic culture. Intelligent products and media experiences have pervaded our lives and largely influenced a cultural shift, where the distinction between different cultural areas and genres is increasingly harder to make. This breaking down of boundaries is also reflected in the neologism “edutainment” – a field of interaction between education and entertainment and significant growth area within electronic culture. Computer games, CD-ROM and other forms of interactive multimedia will be crucial to the education of coming generations. The design of these new tools for knowledge requires cooperation between specialists of art, science and technology. The roles of the designer and the educator are of central importance. Finnish electronic know-how is largely centered on technology, design and theory. The number of electronic artists is also growing day by day, thanks to the range of electronic art and media study programs launched in Finland at the start of this decade. The multidisciplinary forum of ISEA’94 will contribute to this project and the Symposium will have a long-lasting effect on the development of Finnish electronic culture. With best wishes for a successful Symposium, the Finnish Ministry of Education warmly welcomes the guests of ISEA’94.