Welcome to ISEA2014


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  • Welcome to ISEA2014

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  • It has been an insightful journey bringing ISEA2014 to our vibrant community in the United Arab Emirates. The program attempts to link academia, creative industry experts, government, and the community around the UAE as visualized in this year’s branding of ISEA2014.
    Platforms such as ISEA can provide opportunities to activate different locations and ignite positive change. ISEA2014 embraces our maturing creative scenes and endeavors to bring together international artists, university students and faculty throughout the ten days in an effort to cross-pollinate technical and social innovations, and impactful actions.
    ISEA2014’s program offers a synthesis of new inspirations in academic conference and community-oriented interactive exhibitions, workshops, walk and talks, introducing art with innovation to locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We have worked hand in hand with diverse creative communities to design activities, such as Round Table Discussions and Expo 2020 Student Design Workshop aiming to support a research culture. As Dubai is in transition to be a smart city bustling with active social media and meaningful dialogues in our community’s creative capacities and challenges, we hope to continuously enrich students’ learning, research, and professional practices through future projects and efforts, such as collaborative research-based projects and industry internships by strengthening ties amongst local stakeholders.
    My sincere thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this symposium possible as we were well-embraced and supported by like-minded creative communities, friends and colleagues. On behalf of the ISEA2014 Organizing Committee, we hope you will experience the true spirit of Emirati hospitality as we share this creative feast.