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75020 Paris, France


Platform is an independent structure. A space for dissemination, creation and resource for contemporary art, it functions as a shared and unifying space within which artists come together in the desire for a synergy of imaginative potential.

Each month, Plateforme presents an exhibition lasting approximately three weeks followed by more event-based programming (performances, screenings, etc.) focused primarily on experimentation and research. The selection is oriented towards demanding artistic practices. It offers projects by established, national and international artists and also has the mission of actively showing young creation.
Plateforme is part of the city as a bridge that can bring together disciplines and forms to build, through encounters and discoveries, the exchanges essential to an intellectually and humanly stimulating artistic and social experience.

This project as a place of exchange between artists, curators and the public is supported by L’entreprise, a Parisian structure which brings together around fifty international artists.

Plateforme is dedicated to contemporary art diffusion, creation and resource, and works as a unifying and shared space, a place of exchanges between artists, curators and audiences. Plateforme is run by the Parisian structure L’entreprise bringing together around fifty international artists.

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