Venue Function(s):

    Exhibition(s) and Workshop(s)

Venue Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Located in the heart of historic Dubai, Creekside provides a platform to support an active cultural community that caters its program to ensure historical continuity in a contemporary context. Whether someone is to attend a workshop, or simply indulge in our contemporary local cuisine, Creekside will always leave its visitors with food for thought. Creekside aims to make what’s foreign, familiar. Whether by embarking on an abraa for a vivid tour of the creek, or journeying through the entwined alleys of the old city to find its hidden gems or simply picking up a new skill such as Arabic typography, our programming will be sure carry you outside the walls of this establishment into a world of cultural discovery.

The Creekside location is hosting interactive works by Sheryl Oring, William Pappenheimer, and Tamiko Thiel.

Venue Workshops: