University of Ulster Magee Campus


Venue Function(s):

    Exhibition(s) and Performance(s)

Venue Location:

Londonderry, United Kingdom


The Belfast campus on York Street is part of the
city’s vibrant Cathedral Quarter. Recognised as
the historic heart of Belfast the Cathedral Quarter
is the city’s up and coming cultural hotspot. The
area is richly endowed with historical, political and
artistic character. The area is part of a dynamic
arts scene and the campus plays host to a range
of Art, Design and Architecture exhibitions, music
performances and a number of annual festivals
including the Ulster Festival of Art and Design.
The campus is made up of two separate
buildings, which are connected via a suspended
walkway above York Street. Following a major
£30 million refurbishment and redevelopment
programme students and visitors have access to
excellent purpose-built design space, studios for
recording and editing live and off-air television,
sound recording, mixing and animation, teaching
and exhibition areas as well as a new Learning
Resource Centre.
The campus is currently home to the School of Art
and Design and the School of Architecture and
Design although other disciplines are increasingly
being taught here including programmes offered
by the Department of Hospitality and Tourism

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