A is for Apples, B is for Balloons, D… is for Deconstruction






  • Audience: Zayed University Design Students, Level: Foundation

    The workshop will focus on the application of the Deconstructive discourse as a generative ideation framework for designers. In Structuralism, language always has a signifier that points to a signified. People understand signifiers based on binary oppositions: A car is called “car” since there are other things that are not cars. Deconstruction tries to destabilize the direct link between sign and signifier. It argues that signifiers do not refer to signifieds, but to other signifiers. For example, the word “India” does not signify a single thing, but the signifiers that might contextualize and define it like the Taj Mahal or an elephant. Language is a system of linked signifiers rather than fixed structures. Deconstruction creates new meaning by creating new relationships.