Audio-visual Experiments with the Overhead Projector



  • Audio-visual Experiments with the Overhead Projector



  • Workshop Statement

    This Workshop happens in Müelheim-Ruhr/Germany as a side event of ISEA2011

    In this three day workshop you can develop simple musical instruments and sound generators that are electrically amplified and that run partly autonomous and to work on the visual aspects of the instruments as they are at the same time projected by the overhead projector. we provide you with material to build a wooden frame that fits onto the projector. On that frame you attach strings, rubber bands and springs to the frame. Anything that resonates will be amplified by the pick-ups. You are invited to explore the sounds and visuals that are possible with this setup and in between we offer short sessions on how to build solar powered autonomous kinetic objects. You can use these kinetic objects and place them on the projector so that the objects touch the strings/rubber bands when they move autonomously. The workshop takes place from the 21-23 September at the Ringlokschuppen Muehlheim close to the city Muehlheim-Ruhr as a satellite event of Isea Istanbul. The location, technical support and funding are kindly provided by the Shinytoys Festival for audiovisual experiments and the Ringlokschuppen Muehlheim. Both site specific installations as well audiovisual performance developed within the workshop may be featured during the Shinytoys festival from the 23 till 24 of September. We provide places for sleeping near by the venue.