Build your own USB-MIDI-Interface



  • Build your own USB-MIDI-Interface



  • Workshop Statement

    The goal of this workshop is to build a custom USB-MIDI-Interface on the base of the Kaputverboten boards. The current version of Kaputverboten is capable to host up to 6 analog inputs, 3 analog outputs, 18 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs. Part of the workshop will be assembling the board (this is optional, the boards are also available fully assembled), mounting the board in a housing and mounting a variable amount of sensors or actors like LEDs. The boards interface capabilities will also be tested in various software environments. The workshop is intended for beginners and intermediates. Soldering or programming is not necessary but can also be done if attendees wish to do so. The Kaputverboten board is an open source design based on V-USB-MIDI. It sends MIDI messages over USB and hence is capable to control a broad spectrum of softwares, preferably but not only musical applications or audio programming environments which often lack good interfaces. The included firmware enables the user to just plug any type of resistive sensors, switches and even actors like LEDs or low power motors to the board. There is no programming needed just a simple configuration by some mouse clicks. Future versions will contain more inputs and outputs and additionally provide the OSC and HID protocols.