Collective Interactivity with smartphones in immersive surveillance system



  • Collective Interactivity with smartphones in immersive surveillance system



  • Maison du Geste et de l’Image, Paris

    This workshop aims to explore different uses of interactive technologies consisting of co-located, collaborative interaction within an artistic installation. We will be using a technology stack of our own brew in order to create an immersive artistic experience soliciting audience participation.

    The participants will be asked to play along. The goal of the workshop is two-fold: on one hand, to allow the participants to partake in a unique experience and explore different interaction modalities, on the other hand, to open up a conversation about the many faces of technologies that allow for tracking users’ actions, presence, attention, intentions, etc. We will make use of Maison du geste et de l’image to deploy our technology stack consisting of video mapping software and hardware, spatial audio setup, video tracking technology, and software for handling interaction via mobile phones to explore themes of symbiosis between humans and machines, humans and other humans, surveillance and control, collaboration, cooperation and competition. The participants will be invited to use their own mobile devices to participate in the experience (on a local network) and take part in conversations resulting from the experience.

    Founded in 2002, Metalab is the research laboratory of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT, Montreal, CA]. Metalab’s mission is twofold: to stimulate the emergence of innovative immersive experiences and to make their design accessible to artists and creators of immersion through an ecosystem of free software that addresses problems that are not easily solved by existing tools. The software (and recently hardware) developed at the Metalab is often used with other existing technologies to facilitate the mixing of video mapping, 3D audio, telepresence and interaction.

    Training a new generation of artists and designers through research, graduating them with a practice based doctorate and developing the research activity itself and its valorisation, these are the three objectives of EnsadLab, EnsAD’s laboratory (École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, Paris, FR). A pioneer at the time of its creation in 2007, EnsadLab has always had a vocation to be ahead of its time. Reflective Interaction is an art and design research group of EnsadLab focusing on interactive “dispositifs”. Among others, The Reflective Interaction group addresses this question : why and how might we design, produce and explore artistic interactive dispositifs that articulate the aesthetic, symbolic and operative dimensions, to engender experiences that are both sensitive and reflective?