Communicational Mappings



  • Communicational Mappings



  • Workshop Statement (‘Seminar’)

    A series of real time digital maps showing dynamically the interaction between the spatial programming of the ISEA2000 Symposium in the Forum des Images site and the evolving and ephemeral constitution of the social interactions taking place during the event. The real time digital maps production and their display in the host space of the ISEA Symposium create a feed back loop. This loops potentially increase the participants socio-spatial awareness, inducing potential for action, reaction or indifference which in turn are analyzed, inferred and displayed in the follow up digital mapping display. Participants will be as such both implicit subjects and complicit authors of the overall event evolution as communicational social practice and practice of space. The mapmakers are included in the mapping loop as well, simultaneously as observers and observed subjects. The spatial analysis is based on recent research from Space Syntax Laboratory using combined software analytical technique and direct observation used for spatial prospective in urbanism, architecture and spatial design.


    Students from EAPM, Universite Paris 8 and Chelsea School of Art & Design (UK)


    • Doina Petrescu, architect, ENBA Lyon (FR)
    • Alain Chiaradia, architect, Chelsea School of Art & Design (UK)
    • Constantin Petcou, architect, EAPM-Universite Paris 8 (FR)

    SPONSORED by Space Syntax Laboratory and ReDesign Studio