Conservation of Experiences with Media Art



  • Conservation of Experiences with Media Art



  • Workshop Statement

    The problem with conservation that deals with digital-art, netart, bioart, performance between other variations of intangible reality, is a similar to that which the conquerors or creators of America faced in the 16th century. For example, how does one preserve the flavour of a pineapple and show it to Europe? The trip by ship was very long, allowing only the shipping of dissected bodies, dead and tasteless. That is why the only way to show the beauty of what they found in most expeditions was in keeping the spirit, the essence, and the reinterpretation of what they saw based on their own experiences without knowing any scientific approach or methodology, that were taking form in diaries and books accompanied by fantastic and monstrous images, shaped by many factors of politics, culture and aesthetics. The reinterpretation went from being just a documentation of reality or a copy, to becoming the reality itself, that is the flavour of the pineapple. Botaniq preserves art across notations, synthesis of the experiences of the unknown observer and interactor, where the notation and the personal diary of the artistic experience becomes the work of art itself.To  this aim, Botaniq performs workshops of experimental visual composition where participants develop their own personal diary by documenting works of art displayed in an art festival or exhibition. How does Botaniq work? The workshops consist of archiving art works displayed in an art event where each participant is responsible for one of the works, illustrating, composing graphically and describing both the work and his interaction and experience. At the end of the workshop, the illustrated diaries of every participant are compiled in an encyclopaedic physical publication (Codex_Media Art) as well as a digital one, allowing our community to view the results freely and read the works of art through the reinterpretation. We will undertake as a case of archiving the main ISEA 2011 exhibition, developing an unique encyclopaedic volume. The deep exercise of reinterpretation that every person realizes in the workshops allows for an equal form of a continuity of oral, written and audio-visual tradition exerted by the critical mass rather than the elite.