Crafting Computational Percussion with Everyday Materials



  • Crafting Computational Percussion with Everyday Materials



  • Workshop Statement

    This studio-type hands-on workshop invites participants to create percussion instruments with everyday materials such as paper, cardboards, bottles, and foam using the Rhythm Board (a custom designed controller that can interface with sensors, servos, and solenoids). Our goal is to use the ISEA workshop to design and improve a creative platform and activity that motivates artists to understand basic electronic and computing concepts along with creating a new forms of engaging musical expression. We encourage participants to bring everyday materials they want to explore, and we will provide sensors, actuators, and a controller as well as additional materials participants can use together. The workshop is in multiple phases. Participants start by exploring unique sounds of diverse materials. Then they integrate mechanical movements (rack and pinion, crank, and Geneva drive) using servos and solenoids, and analog sensors (light sensor, IR sensor, pressure sensor, and potentiometer) with the Rhythm Board to control the speed of the servo movements, generating scratching, shaking, and tapping motions. Finally, participants will share their prototypes and discuss the potential and challenges of this playful medium.

    Duration: Whole Day

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