Creating Spontaneous and Mobile Immersive spaces using FLOSS



  • Creating Spontaneous and Mobile Immersive spaces using FLOSS


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  • This workshop is aimed at artists, designers, content creators and other creatives who are interested in creating immersive spaces using low-cost and lightweight equipment.

    We will be using off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software to create interactive and immersive experiences, from scratch, in impromptu spaces.

    We will present the tools and the process for deploying immersive experiences: characterizing the available space, setting up projection mapping, calibrating video projectors and sound equipment, setting up cameras for real-time pose tracking and estimation, and employing a software pipeline to glue all components together.

    The workshop is based on using free/libre open-source software as much as possible, democratizing what’s possible to do with computer vision, computer graphics and spatialized audio technologies that are still marginalized and on the fringes of creative activities.
    We will be exploring production pipelines that illustrate the use of software developed by the Metalab in tandem with existing tools that have been seeing wider adoption in recent years. For clarity, we present the proposed toolset in two groups: software developed by the Metalab and third-party software.

    Sharing and accessibility are brought by the use of technologies which are easy to obtain. In addition to cameras, videoprojectors and audio speakers, the workshop makes use of free software as well as low-cost hardware. Some of the software is already well known in the community (Godot, Chataigne), whereas our own software is not as much but it addresses use cases which are either not possible with other software or involve costly solutions.


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