Curating the New: Commissioning, Exhibiting, Collecting



  • Curating the New: Commissioning, Exhibiting, Collecting



  • Curators, producers, art organisers, distributors, exhibitors and makers find themselves dealing with new kinds of culture, including new digital media, variable, live, or participatory art, design or critical making. This workshop aims to share knowledge across disciplines, to help workers rethink and update their skills for helping this work meet its audiences, into the future. This workshop follows on from previous workshops, and professional updating courses, including: Professional development short course at the University of Sunderland:

    (password protected), Curating Art After New Media HK (ISEA2016)

    In keeping with the ISEA theme- Penumbra: In-between this workshop aims to build upon knowledge from different types of art which might help curators, whether that might be live art,
    performance, process-based art or conceptual art.