Manual for Image – Object



  • Manual for Image - Object



  • Workshop Statement

    We propose to examine and observe artistic creation on mobile screens through an actual practice. The goal is to design and build applications mainly for the iPad, and also for iPhone, with not only the intention to produce art works, but also to constitute a kind of mobile screens image-object manual. A specific grammar of the interactive situation, linking the user gesture to the representation reaction, may be defined by this manual. We do not wish to try to innovate by developing new services or utilities for last generation mobile phones, but rather to clarify the potential of these devices in contemporary artistic practices. Nowadays mobile devices permit new relationships (interactive situations) between the user and the representation. Thanks to various embedded sensors, it is possible to use the device’s relative orientation, given by the user’s hand and multitouch interactions, to change the aspect of the represented space or objects and to modify sounds or texts. Therefore, this workshop aims to analyze the different ways a user/spectator can interact with the representation to constitute an interaction-grammar that is specific to mobile displays. Various short scenarios will then be imagined to create applications.  If a certain simplicity is respected for these applications to facilitate their creation and to maintain maximum clarity of meaning, their number could be significant. Each application can be seen as demonstrating a form of interactivity with mobile screens and an aesthetic art work. All applications could then constitute a kind of manual, an object both artistic and demonstrative, even educational.