Parametric Form Finding, Interaction and Sentience



  • Parametric Form Finding, Interaction and Sentience



  • We are interested in providing participants an introductory course in parametric and interactive design within an architectural environment. Computation has become ubiquitous, is embedded in virtually every facet of our lives and is currently showing real promise to augment of lives in the way that Engelbart, Sutherland, Beer, Ashby and Pask were dreaming of when they introduced us to cybernetics. Within the field of architecture, the contemporary digital discourse has gained a significant level of maturity over the past 30 years. Computers have been absorbed, adapted, modified and evolved into a robust infrastructure that is changing the landscape of design conception, development, simulation, engineering, management, communication, construction and of planning the life-cycle of a building. It is within this context that this workshop has been developed. The scope includes an introduction to; modeling with Grasshopper in Rhino, digital fabrication processes, and interaction with Arduino. The course is oriented for participants who are new to these technologies. This day long workshop should help each student obtain fundamentals in parametric modeling and interactivity