Real-Time Audio Morphing



  • Real-Time Audio Morphing



  • Workshop Statement

    As a sound processing technique, Audio Morphing has existed for many years. However, with the recent increases in computing power this technique has become available in real time for musicians (non-engineers), providing them with an opportunity to explore unusual sound processing algorithms empirically, while offering additional signal processing choices for live performance situations. The authors have developed a real-time Audio Morphing application on the IRCAM Signal Processing Workstation (ISPW). The application features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, and is intended for musicians (sound designers etc.). The application’s signal processing algorithms make use of Fast Fourier Transform-based re-synthesis (FFT, iFFT), and provide for high quality time-stretching, filtering, dynamic range processing, spectral shaping, cross-synthesis, and spatialization. These techniques allow users to project various features of one sound onto those of another, thus creating a new sound or “morph” which resembles the original sound–often in unexpected ways.This workshop is intended to provide participants with information and experience in Audio Morphing. The authors will present an overview of the technique and its applications, explaining the basic concepts in terms familiar to non-engineers with some studio experience. During the workshop the participants will have an opportunity to explore the techniques mentioned above, creating “audio morphs” of provided sound examples while following the tutorials developed by the authors.Just as morphing tore through the video world, audio-morphing has given electronic musicians and composers just as much to consider. This workshop given by prominent electronic musicians Zack Settel and Cort Lippe, begins to unravel the mysterious nature of the this new technology in REAL-TIME. Given in two half-day sessions.