Revealing and Sonifying Living Capsules



  • Revealing and Sonifying Living Capsules



  • Living Capsules is the umbrella name we give to our art pieces. These are being born out of an ongoing cross-disciplinary collaboration between haptic and sound artists and a sociologist who share interests in the relations between senses, bodies, and technologies. In this workshop we reflect on how we are blending our practices through material and sensory engagements. In doing so we share some of our recent research together.

    Our workshop would be presented in two parts. First we will enter a conceptual space of biohybrid and biofabricated systems of the future. Encountering the critical question: how might we come to live with Living Machines? We will reflect on our process of revealing that guided our explorations, generating new data from biomaterials that we sonified. We shall experiment with modes of listening and hearing with immersive audio practices.

    Secondly, we will teach some sonification techniques that we used to bring new life to our biomaterials. You will have the opportunity to create sounds, individually or in groups, using the diversity of data collected – or working with pre-given sets.

    During the workshop we will create sound pieces as Living Capsules. We will listen to, and hear, these work-in-progress pieces together at the end of the workshop. The idea of our sonified Living Capsules is to express futures where data and machines differently inhabit or intimately relate to our bodies. The aim of this experiment is to disrupt how our audiences sense technology as living and/or non-living and critically reflect on body–technology–society relations, both now and in the future.