Tales from the City: Mapping the Multicultural Landscape of Istanbul



  • Tales from the City: Mapping the Multicultural Landscape of Istanbul



  • Workshop Statement

    The workshop will provide participants an overview of mapping technologies and give them the opportunity to use these technologies to explore, analyze and represent urban spaces. Using locative media, we will capture and collect spatial, visual and audio data on multiple aspects of multiculturalism such as how different cultures stratify at a specific location and contribute to the mosaic of urban architecture and lifestyle. Areas of focus will include the environs of Tophane, Cihangir and Galata.  We are interested in exploring how new technologies might help to create a more context-aware experience of multicultural urban space and culture. The data collected in this workshop will be visualized to explore how technology enables the collection of different data and new forms of representation.  The primary objective of the workshop is to see how new media and location-based technology can enhance our capacity to represent and understand multiculturalism in Istanbul’s urban spaces. However, we are also interested in using the workshop to collect information  on how to develop and refine innovative tools and their concomitant  protocols, so that they might be used for surveying and visualizing any urban area.