Transmission+Interference: DUST



  • Transmission+Interference: DUST



  • This ‘transmission+interference’ workshop is a full day event where participants will explore the transmission, interference and playful aspects of sound through various uses of light and objects. Participants will investigate devices that transmit sound within light and explore the various ways to interfere with signals that generate new sound. It is this point of ‘in-between’ that is essential to understand in order to develop new sounds and the focus of this workshop will be based on the fine material of dust – the dirt and noise of everyday spaces. Through methods of diffraction (light) and transduction (sound) the materiality of air, dust and object are investigated through resonance and vibration to reveal the creative potential held within. As currents of air shift and circulate, assemblages of dust are formed across territories and surfaces that shape both sound and light resulting in a performative output. The aim is to move away from areas of dust as annoyance and instead actively engage with it as sonic material. The work draws upon current theory around vital / vibrant materialism (Bennett, Barad, Coole) and object-oriented ontology (Harman, Morton, Bryant). Participants will also get to explore previously built / hacked / appropriated devices with which to develop new sound and light instruments with the aim of a group performance involving all of the participants of the workshop. This can / may include the use of motors, mirrors, laser pointers, elastic bands etc…

    The workshop will include soldering and the use of various bits of electronics (integrated circuits and Arduino) and is open to beginners and skilled users. In addition to these skills we will encourage discourse around the ideas of live performance, improvisation and experimental music.