Urban Playgrounds: Developing Ludic Strategies and Interfaces for Participatory Practices in Urban Space






  • Location: N 51° 27’ 22” E 6° 43’ 56”
    Code: C

    This is a game. This is not a game. Do you want to play?

    UPLAY is a workshop for artists and researchers involved in the development of ludic strategies and interfaces for forms of social/participatory/political (inter-)action in urban space. Issues include locative strategies and tools for urban play, potentials and problems of participatory formats and collaborative/distributed/networked game development. Participants were not only invited to present and discuss their own projects, but to collaborate on the development of a game(-level) located in Duisburg-Ruhrort. A public lecture-presentation by the workshop leaders was followed by closed workshop-sessions for applied participants; game sessions were open to the public.

    Artists, researchers and other people with professional interest and background in game design, game studies and related fields were invited to hand in a short statement (“letter of interest”, ca. 1.000 – max. 2.500 characters) and a brief C.V. with contact data (e-mail, phone, URL homepage). In case they would like to present/discuss your own project(s), they needed to include a related info-sheet (max. 3.000 characters, project URL/URLs). kuniver.se and konsum.net

    Full text (PDF) p.  514-516