Weird/Wonderful Street Fair



  • Weird/Wonderful Street Fair



  • Workshop Statement

    With the Weird/Wonderful Fair we want to direct our attention to openness, flow and co-creation. We invite the local residents of Istanbul to explore with us in a mixture of interactive workshop, intervention and collective art piece. The Fair attempts to transgress the conference’s boundaries and incorporate the city’s public space, transforming the streets of Istanbul into an open space classroom. Instead of the conventional teacher-student approach which still dominates our educational systems, we propose a mobile peer-teaching format, a more subversive structure where we can use simple DIY projects to facilitate insights. Armed with these educational project kits, we will share knowledge with anyone in exchange for their spare time. We will bring invisible ink, simple robots and other surprising objects to build and understand. We will move through the city ‘selling’ these experiences like street vendors. Once you have completed a session with us, you will be invited to help us continue teaching, in a process we hope will help us cross boundaries of language and preconceptions. By accentuating the social and fluctuating aspects of knowledge production and exchange, the Fair embodies an attitude of “learning by making” and “learning by playing”. Our aim is to facilitate a series of moments where meeting and making together allows us to explore the larger unknown. Each daily journey will have four planned stops: Taksim Myd (1), the harbor quay in front of Istanbul Modern (2), the sidewalk of the Puente Galata bridge (3), and the Spice Bazaar (4).