“Acconci Robot” by Wade Marynowsky

  • ©, Wade Marynowsky, Acconci Robot
  • The Acconci Robot at the Royal Melbourne Insitute of Technology gallery


    Acconci Robot

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Wade Marynorsky continues his interest in performative robotics. The Acconci Robot is a playful but mute robot in the form of an everyday household object a robotic wardrobe that follows unsuspecting audience members throughout the exhibition space. The work references the performance work by Vito Acconci entitled Follow Piece (1969), in which Acconci randomly elected a passer-by and followed that person, until he or she disappeared into a private place where Acconci could not follow. This artwork is a cheeky inversion of interaction, following viewers whilst their backs are turned, but stopping in its tracks as they turn to see who is following. Video: Acconci Robot