“Ad Hominem” by Alex Verhaest

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    Ad Hominem

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    Hacnum Exhibition. various locations, May 16 – 21

    Change is an old revolutionary, returning to its birth village looking for recognition for all it has done. Change talks to four people, who seem to hold disparate views on what change should bring in the future. In the end, it becomes clear that change is never really welcome.

    Ad Hominem is a philosophical choose-your-own-adventure game, based on Eutopia Unbound by Sofie Verraest, in which the player is cast in the role of Change. You are invited to pick one of two answers to questions proposed by four different characters who represent four distinct utopic ideas. Change is guided towards an event, organised in honour of its arrival, through a maze of historical quotes on collectivism, individualism, progressive thinking and conservatism.

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