Alex Bradely, Andy Gracie, Duncan Speakman, Matt Mawford, Jessica Marlowe: 32000 Points of Light

  • ©, Alex Bradley, Andy Gracie, Duncan Speakman, Matt Mawford, and Jessica Marlowe, 32000 Points of Light


    32000 Points of Light

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Artist Statement:

    32000 Points of Light is an immersive audio-visual environment exploring impossible but plausible levels of experience, points of light being the only visual aid. Creating a place where sound is both your guide and your surroundings, 32000 Points of Light is a journey from thought to thing – starting inside your own thought processes, stepping outside to see the effect, moving towards the physical, and finally outside into the experience. Each step challenges both the expectations and, awareness of your own reaction to sound. Though effective in a variety of formats the 32000 points of light experience has been conceived for performance inside a motion simulator to explore motion within 3D audio environments. Its starting point and basis is firmly in sonics and sonic manipulation, but its purpose is to investigate the effects of a combination of visuals and motion on the sonic experience – to generate a completely four dimensional universe where sound, motion, time and vision all have a common reference point and symbiotic relationship – an opportunity to (re)discover the real identity of sound. By allowing the viewer to experience the navigation of a sonic waveform where the only guide is a shifting matrix of points of light, the effects of motion and perception of travelling through the sound will become a vital point of reference for the sonic experience.