Alexa Smith: Nanoworlds

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    Nanotechnology is an idea with far-reaching consequences for almost every aspect of our lives. It is the ability to have precise control over matter and is one of the most fascinating areas being studied today. Some areas of research that would be rapidly altered are computing, medicine, manufacturing and space travel. In addition, with these changes, social issues will also arise. Many estimates put the first arrival of this technology 10-20 years from now which is well within most of our lifetimes. As one of the first nano artists, Alexa created the series Nanoworlds to abstractly express the “spirit” of current ideas in nanotechnology specifically and the excitement of future science generally. Each image represents a glimpse of different applications of nanotechnologies. Her work is exhibited on the World Wide Web in the Nano Gallery at Nanothinc, A California Corporation’s website.


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