Amelia Marzec: New American Sweatshop

  • ©2014, Amelia Marzec, New American Sweatshop


    New American Sweatshop

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    Mixed Media

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    Imagine a future where the American dollar is worthless. To re-build the economy, citizens must use the only resource available: decades of post-consumer waste. With no way to afford expensive international electronics, but with a deep human desire to connect, they sift through obsolete products searching for working parts. The goal is to build a new communications infrastructure that is community-controlled and far from the prying eyes of any government. Amelia Marzec’s New American Sweatshop manifests itself as an installation that models a functioning manufacturing plant. It relies on volunteer labor to hand-build semi-functioning prototypes of what our technology could look like in the future. All supplies, furniture and uniforms are created from local salvaged goods.

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