“Ancient Journeys: Waters of the Past” by Tracey Meziane Benson, Josiah Jordan

  • ©, Tracey Meziane Benson and Josiah Jordan, Ancient Journeys: Waters of the Past


    Ancient Journeys: Waters of the Past

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Video installation

Artist Statement:

    Journey of the Ancients is a collaboration between Tracey Benson and Josiah Jordan. The project explores the iconography of the sea and natural environment as a juxtaposition to ancient runic symbols. These symbols represent a culture and language lost as well as a ‘proxy’ for ancestral links to the old country. This video installation features an audio composition created by Josiah using Tracey’s DNA. The raw DNA data was translated into MIDI notes and assigned instrumentation for each chromosome relevant to Tracey’s Norse ancestry. The resulting composition connects the audience to this ancestral link, while providing an abstract space for contemplation. Journey of the Ancients seeks to create a meditative space for audiences, one that takes them on a journey to the inner world of deep contemplation. Although the material is a reference to Tracey’s ancestral connections to Norse culture, the imagery and sounds are intended to evoke connection much more broadly. The use of the Runes is both as a means to connect ancient knowledge but also as a pathway to greater earth awareness. Each of the 24 runes from the Elder Futhark responds to an aspect of nature – both the natural world and our human nature.