“Proto-animate 20TP (2013)” by Andre Brodyk

  • ©, Andre Brodyk, Proto-animate 20TP (2013)


    Proto-animate 20TP (2013)

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Artist Statement:

    Semi-ready-made school furniture, Perspex, Petri dishes, chalk, Black-board paint, electric lights/cables, transgenic bacteria.

    In Proto-animate 20TP a novel code sequence is comprised of 158 DNA bases derived from an ostensibly non-coding region of a gene. This gene known as the APOE4 gene (Apolipoprotein E4) is associated with Alzheimer’s disease in humans. This sequence was inserted into E.coli bacteria and used as temporal paint-media to depict small living portraits. Through this process a previously inanimate, non-coding section of DNA is poetically expressed in interplay of memories and learning within a simulated 1970s childhood classroom.


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