Andrea Davidson: The Seizure (La Morsure)

  • ©, Andrea Davidson, The Seizure (La Morsure)


    The Seizure (La Morsure)

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Artist Statement:

    Installation of a digitally interactive choreography.

    Based on the leitmotif of a diary and inspired by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortazar’s poem ‘Le bucher ou brule une’ (The Fire on Which She Burns), La morsure takes as its central theme issues of desire and betrayal in a couple’s relationship. Choreography, video art, poetry and computer technology converge in the experimentation with a narrative generator, touch sensitive interactivity and choreographic gesture as means to tell a story. The installation alternatively places the spectator in the role of a passive witness to the couple’s story and as a participant or judge influencing the course of the narrative and being ‘responsible’ for its outcome through manipulations with the interactive program.


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