Andrea Libretti: Segmento 3

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    Segmento 3

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Artist Statement:

    Segmento 3 is the third composition of a series for solo instrument and tape. The whole composition is based on the development of the results of a harmonic analysis of clarinet spectrums. The electronic part is, in effect, a dynamic elaboration with additive synthesis of the clarinet spectrum, using harmonic compression, expansion, shifting, etc., while the instrumental part has been developed from seven harmonic cells extracted from the base spectral analysis.

    For the development of this composition I have used the following devices in three different moments:
    1) Analysis: spectral analysis of the base material using an Atari st and various softwares (Avalon, Sound Designer)
    2) Resynthesis: modified resynthesis of the analyzed material with additive synthesis (Softsynth, Turbosynth, Avalon)
    3) Organization: compositional organization of the different synthesis part using sequencers (Mastertracks Pro, Notator).


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