Angel Nevarez, Valerie Tevere: Com_muni_port

  • ©, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, Com_muni_port



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Artist Statement:

    Com_muni_port is a portable radio broadcast unit created for short-range pedestrian broadcasting. It has been designed to facilitate community communication, munition municipality and portal portability.
    Com_muni_port models itself after historical military, scientific, and commercial communication devices. However, to distinguish it from its many predecessors, Com_muni_port activates the local and functions as a tool for information dissemination and public participation. Its transmission range is determined and limited by the plateaus and canyons of urban space. Its dispatch is an invisible membrane of suspended audio, the radius of which moves with the user, Com_muni_port consists of an FM transmitter, a CD player, a microphone, headphones, and a multi-channel mixer – all battery powered. Its portability makes it ideal for use within political demonstrations and marches, by mapping audio frequency within a city, and allowing spontaneous interviewing and broadcasting. We see it as having myriad communicatory and inventive functions, all in one unit.


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