Ari Gold, Arya Ghavamian: I Love You, Keep Going

  • ©, Ari Gold and Arya Ghavamian, I Love You, Keep Going


    I Love You, Keep Going

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Screening/’Media Art’ Piece

Artist Statement:

    I Love You, Keep Going was born in a heavy traffic jam in California. I wondered if it might be possible to invoke a story about nature, and my country’s addiction to oil, in such a way that an
    audience could feel these opposing forces in their bodies rather than simply their minds. Working with Iranian film editor Arya Ghavamian, whose nation’s history is entwined with oil, I created three looping films which invite the visitors to mount bicycles and “change the story.”
    In Chapter One, where nobody bikes, the oil industry destroys the heart of the world. In
    Chapter Two, where one person rides, the fear of death and destruction are activated. In Chapter Three, where multiple cyclists join forces, transcendence and harmony with nature
    become possible. Viewers may passively watch the world’s destruction, or become part of the
    story and change the future.