“Ataraxie” by Maxime Houot

  • ©, Maxime Houot, Ataraxie



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    • collectif coin



Artist Statement:

    Exhibition, Le Cube Garges, March 28 – April 1

    Since 2013, Maxime Houot has created various sound and visual creations presented on the international scene. Exploring the limits of his own perception, he deploys an artisanal and conceptual practice. With a degree in applied physics, the world around him, even when put into equations, has always been a source of fascination and wonder. Most of his creations are produced by Collectif Coin, a company with which he also likes to experiment by crossing his work with that of other artists from other disciplines, such as dance, music and live performance.

    “Ataraxie” means “peace of mind”. This ballet of red lights, whose forms become more and more complex as the performance progresses, invites us to reflect on the meaning of tranquility in a world in constant motion. The installation explores the unknown and asks if we can fill it with the comfortable and familiar, or find new ways to live.



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