“Free Time” by Alicia Frankovich

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    Free Time

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Artist Statement:

    Anne Landa Award for Video and New Media Arts 2013. 

    An announcement comes over the gallery’s PA system asking for quiet, a obedient hush falls over the crowd. Moments later flushed joggers arrive and a soccer team follows. Cyclists carry their bikes over their shoulders through the crowd, an older couple dressed in hiking gear with maps navigate their way through the gallery. The unfolding of this diverse gathering is a performative work called Free Time by Alicia Frankovich. [source: Kathleen Linn, https://www.artshub.com.au]

    In ‘Free time’, Alicia has choreographed a live series of spontaneous performances by invited participants. An expansive new work for the Anne Landa Award, Free time confronts the viewer with a landscape of bodies, recontextualising actions from a myriad of contemporary work and leisure situations in unexpected ways.

    This piece is an extension of her work The Opportune Spectator, which is also being performed during the exhibition period.




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