“Background_2022” by Lionel Broye

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Artist Statement:

    Exhibition usb #5 window(s) on course. St-Pierre-le-Puellier collegiate church and ÉSAD Orléans gallery, Orleans. March 30 – May 28, 2023

    Background_ 2022 is an installation of several animations using the primitive codes of certain video games from the 90s (clear foreground, panoramic view, multiple integrated animations) hybridized in landscapes mixing real and artificial. The muscular mechanism of the installation, oscillating between graphic naivety and electronic DIY, is an alternative response to this other background, that of the energy coming from the wall socket which continuously powers our works and our connected lives.

    The design principle is based on the recycling of the previous version. Each new occurrence uses part or all of the materials from the previous one, which makes their simultaneous exhibition impossible.

    Background_2022 was created during the year 2022 on the basis of Background_2019. The main change is the addition of a wind generator to produce enough energy to run a RaspberryPi, a screen and two LED lights. The installation, theoretically self-sufficient but without actually achieving this, raises the question of the constant power supply for digital works and the energy required in our everyday lives. This installation also lays the foundations for recycling its elements to produce the next piece, so that each piece in this series cannot be exhibited at the same time as the others, they are all unique in space and time.




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