Barbara Nati: Long Time No Sea

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    Long Time No Sea

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Artist Statement:

    This project is about the unreliability of our planet swollen and full of cavities. It is a tale of contemporary and future use of the open space where the audience witnesses this infinity of uniform and hyper-detailed mutations that shake and quake its boredom. With no particular rule raped sea waters flow into a gorge where even early morning rays fade, carving the gap of distance with mankind.

    This geological poem roots out of the last earthquake that shook Italy and which the artist felt on her own skin. This quake, like a ghost, haunted the people and the morphology of a huge area in the middle of the night. The artist investigates, in a game that goes beyond space and time, new possibilities for the sceneries crunched years ago by bulldozers, thus praising what might survive to the corrosion of the acid ocean of contemporary times.


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