Ben Jones, Fee Plumley: a) b) the sketch-

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    a) b) the sketch-

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    a) b) the sketch- c) live chat discussion on content development for wireless

    a) is a one year old, server based publishing organisation that commissions international new works of ultra-short fiction for quarterly distribution by wireless and traditional internet. We take the technical limitations of the format and turn them into a challenge for our writers. Our longest stories are 150 words and our shortest, 150 characters. Because of our desire to publish quality content we pay professional rates while charging our readers nothing.

    b) is a new commission following the same process as for isea2002, Japan. Students from Aichi Prefectural Art University Fine Arts and Music Design and Craft course develop ultra-short-animations for i-mode foma & 3g.

    c) Part of a series of discussions following the developments of thephone- book Limited as we produce three of our main commissions utilizing the limitations – and potentials – of wireless interfaces across the world. was conceived by creative director Ben Jones and producer Fee Plumley, and is edited by publisher Ben Stebbing of Clinamen Press, all based in Manchester, UK. the-phone-book Ltd (the umbrellacompany) as launched in March 2002 by Ben Jones and Fee Plumley to enable ongoing research and distribution of innovative content opportunities across international convergent platforms.