“Beyond now” by Jayce Salloum

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    Beyond now

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    “In and out of quarantine time pondering how to tackle the point that we find ourselves in now and the unforeseeable future and the politics of fear, regression, pain, promise and hope that surround me. I’ve started and stopped several stabs at things, your message comes at an opportune albeit heavily pressurized time. I don’t produce work upon such short notice, with a short time frame, usually labouring over projects for years, trying to produce something resonant. Nevertheless I am interested in trying to think this through into something useful. Your enthusiasm is convincing and breaks my indeterminate ennui. I had started collecting fragments of text, correspondence with others and writing bits and pieces since I got back here (literally from the jungle) so am making it somewhat of a daily practice. It’ll be a sutured manifesto disguised as poetic ramblings and rants out into the void.” – Jayce Salloum


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