“Beyond Pages” by Masaki Fujihata

  • ©, Masaki Fujihata, Beyond Pages
  • ©, Masaki Fujihata, Beyond Pages


    Beyond Pages

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Artist Statement:

    This installation tries to realize a virtual book. The aim has been set to go beyond the book; to add interactivity. In this installation, an image of a book is projected from the ceiling on a white table using a LCD-projector in a dim lit room. The book can be manipulated interactively according to the participants’ action with a wireless digitizer pen. The image of the book is totally controlled by a Macintosh computer using MacroMedia Director. The book is designed for arranging the objects into class and each object reacts interactively. For example, an apple on the page will be bitten when one flips the pages. On the other part of this book, there is a stone on the page that will runaway when touched. Infinite objects can be included into this virtual book with infinite pages. It’s a new style of archive for an interaction or categorization of the relationship between objects, humans and the world. The function of a book is to describe the world. “Beyond Pages” is also the world which will be describing as the active model of the world.


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