Bjørn Erik Haugen: By the Road

  • ©2015, Bjørn Erik Haugen, By the Road
  • ©2015, Bjørn Erik Haugen, By the Road


    By the Road

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    Sculpture, Records

Artist Statement:

    As a sculptural installation, By the Road takes up notions of detritus, nostalgia and liminal spaces. Vinyl records are placed in boxes, as though left behind. The 8 soundtracks consist of the sound from car chases in famous movies translated into Death Metal music. By the Road also refers to The Roadside Picnic that the film Stalker is based on. As a character in the book says, “the objects left behind seem as though aliens just had a picnic by the roadside and left, moved on.” In this way, By the Road intends to generate an experience of the in-between spaces.

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