“Blue Sky” by Marisa Olson

  • ©2015, Marisa Olson, Blue Sky
  • ©2015, Marisa Olson, Blue Sky


    Blue Sky

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    Video sculpture

Artist Statement:

    Blue Sky offers a feminist critique of disruption as a corporate meme. Working under the umbrella of contemporary tech industry jargon in which the phrase “blue sky” invites a proposal for a big picture of the world as disrupted by a new product, Blue Sky is a video sculpture housed in the gilded carcass of an obsolete Mac computer tower. The video’s tension between intervention and cheery papercraft play speaks to the paradox of disruption as connecting equally to rupture and fauxutopian progress. Subtly evoking the mythology of Apple’s DIY, homebrew, new-age origins, the video features the artist in a studio environment working to create a handmade blue sky inside the backdrop of a seamless bluescreen paper roll. The work alludes to Second Wave feminist crafts, ultimately producing as a final form a gradient pixel-weaving that is adorned with cottony clouds.

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