Brad Isdrab: Boris and Bianca

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    Boris and Bianca

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    Interactive Fairytale

Artist Statement:

    ZeroOne opening Night:

    Brad Isdrab’s Boris and Bianca is a fantasy game, a “choose your own adventure” movie. This immersive experience bridges the gap between Sculpture, Storytelling and Technology. By interacting with characters and objects within the game the user makes decisions, guiding the story. The dynamic narrative plays out differently depending on the choices made by the user. The ultimate goal: to help Boris find his love, Bianca, and reach enlightenment.

    Meticulously crafted in stopmotion animation, visually reminiscent of the films of the Brothers Quay. This is a symbolically charged fairytale inspired by Beauty and the Beast, constructed from scenes based on the Kabalistic Tree of Life and the Major Arcana of the Tarot. It offers glimpses into another world, a place of fantasy and visual metaphor.

    The interactive video will be presented in an environment created from installations of the actual puppets and props,and accompanied by the cello compositions of Zoë Keating. Keating uses live electronic sampling and repetition to layer the sound of her cello, creating multi-layered compositions which explore the boundary between the familiar and the strange, the ugly and beautiful, the dark and the transcendent.


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